Lisa Rogers was looking for something really special, she wondered is it possible to get a scale model of her partners racing car, exactly like his. How do you do that? How much does it cost, what do I have to do and how long does it take?

Answer, we quote on each job so there is no set price. To get an initial idea all you have to do is give us a few photos and a brief outline of the project and the timescale.

We will tell you from there if there is a model match, how much and how long.

In Lucy’s case we matched the car to a Corgi Vanguard in 1/43rd, the ‘classic’ scale for car models. The body shape was an exact match, in some cases there will be small differences like spotlights, spoilers etc, which we will add if we can. We discuss all this with you at the outset so we’re all aware of the spec.

Artwork was amended and transposed, using again both dry and vinyl transfers to create an exact replica, and when I say exact, I mean the same level of detail a production master for a 5000 piece run would receive.

To set the whole thing off the model sits on a Showtime stand with a Classic Touring Racing Club print that celebrates placing at an event, the certificate has a grandstand theme, the ends are colour coded and can be branded.

This set comes in a satin lined gift box ready to present.

"I had this model especially made for my other half for his birthday, he was so pleased, it is an exact replica of his race car. The presentation was excellent and the guys at Code3 were so helpful, sending me photos throughout the whole process. Can't wait to do the next one!"