The challenge here is to match models all in the same scale to create a typical on the road setting for Luke at Emmitt plant.

Luke wanted to give his dad the ultimate birthday gift, a specially commissioned set of their own Emmitt plant with load and support.

Corgi cab and Transit, Lion Nooteboom, excavator by Case.

Note the white decal remains opaque and does not ‘pink’on the red paint of the cab, most of the models in the gallery contain white as decal over all sorts of colours.

See the decal section for more information and demo.

Again just a quick note to say thanks to you and your team for producing yet another stunning piece of kit!

We celebrated Christmas early this year as my family are away to sunnier climates and I don’t blame them either.

My fathers face was certainly a picture when he unwrapped it. He is so impressed with the effort to detail from the paintwork down to the number plates. He’s currently clearing a space in his display cabinets as we speak!

Till next time, Thanks again.